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1/2.8" High Sensitivity 3G/HD-SDI B&W
1/2.8" Compact USB2.0 Color
1/2.8" Compact High Sensitivity USB2.0 B&W
1/2.8" USB2.0 Wearable Color
1/2.8" High Sensitivity USB2.0 Wearable B&W
1/2.8" Compact High Sensitivity Network Color
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   2023.01.31    Watec will attend to Security Show 2023
   2022.11.22    Thank you for visiting us at the METALEX 2022
   2022.10.06    Watec will attend to METALEX 2022
   2022.08.15    Thank you for visiting us at the VME (Vietnam Manufacturing Expo) 2022
   2022.07.29    Start selling the WAT-3200
   2022.07.15    WAT-3200 (High Sensitivity 3G/HD-SDI B&W Camera)*Released at the end of July 2022
   2022.03.15    Thank you for visiting us at the Security Show 2022
   2022.02.04    Watec will attend to Security Show 2022
   2021.11.25    New Release: Compact USB Color Camera WAT-06U2
       New Release: Compact USB B&W Camera WAT-07U2
       New Release: Wearable USB Color Camera WAT-06U2D
       New Release: Wearable USB B&W Camera WAT-07U2D
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   2023.01.31    End of Life Notification:Miniature Lens (MP) M0816BC-12
   2022.10.06    End of Life Notification: 1/3" Compact, USB2.0, HD Color Camera WAT-03U2
   2022.04.21    End of Life Notification: Analog Camera WAT-230V2, W-03CDB3, W-04CDB3, WAT-902B, WAT-910HX MBD
   2022.04.01    2022 Watec Product Catalog (PDF) renewed
       End of Life Notification: Miniature Lens (MP) M1616BC-12
   2021.09.17    End of Life Notification: Ultra-Compact HD-SDI Color Camera WAT-30HD Series
   2021.08.18    End of Life Notification: 1/3" Waterproof One-cable Color Camera WAT-400D2
   2021.07.09    End of Life Notification: 1/2.8" USB Camera WAT-01U2, WAT-02U2D
   2021.01.21    End of Life Notification: 1/2" Multi-Function, NIR Sensitivity Camera WAT-910HX Series (EIA)
   2020.09.23    End of Life Notification: 1/3" WDR, Day/Night WAT-233 (PAL)
   2020.08.19    Important Notification: Regarding security of WAT-2400S and WAT-933
   2020.07.16    End of Life Notification: 1/3" Color Camera (PAL) WAT-231S2, WAT-250D2, WAT-600CX
   2020.06.01    End of Life Notification: 1/4" Miniature Camera WAT-704R Series (CCIR)
   2020.04.13    Notification: Zoom function added on WAT-05U2M
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