Wearable USB Color Camera "WAT-05U2M"  

  Dimensions: H30xW30xD22(mm)
  A 180 degree wide angle view camera  
    Adopting a 180 degree wide angle lens enables to obtain the Full HD Ultra-Wide video.
  WAT-02U2D    WAT-05U2M  
  *The vignetting occurs due to the wide angle lens but it is not a malfunction.
   Change cable position   
     The position of the cable is selectable in 4 dimensions (top, bottom, left and right) depends on the       application and installation. (Std. position: bottom) *The other sides are available on request.  
    Helmet (Cable Sideways)    Chest Pocket (Cable Lower Side)  
   Live video via Wi-Fi or 4G/3G   
  Enable the live video transmission via the smartphone or tablet by its Wi-Fi or 4G/3G   
   Drip-proof (*IPX7 compliance)  

Equivalent to JIS Waterproof Grade 7 (IPX7)
*Watec compliance test

Having no ingress of water into the camera after left in the water of up to 1 m depth for up to 30 minutes.
*The camera was designed to use in the environment of the rain and wind. Do not use underwater.

  Please feel free to contact the distributor or Watec at any time.
A tripod adaptor (1/4-20UNC) for
such as the MS50 (Stand) and tripod.
Fixing the B008 and camera by the supplied 4 screwes.
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