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 After-sales Service
  All Watec products before being shipped to our customers are tested and inspected to ensure that our
products are not faulty and are of the highest quality as directed by our Watec Quality-control System.
Watec camera have a 3-year warranty, and the board camera units and peripherals have a 1-year
warranty, provided that the products have been operated in accordance with our operation manual
and have not been altered in any way.
NB: The Watec 3-year warranty does not cover image sensor repair or replacement caused by white
blemish phenomena.
  Watec makes it a policy to repair Watec products first hand with the appropriate charge in accordance
with the detailed defect information supplied by you. All repairs in the Watec workshop are quickly and
precisely dealt with and returned after the shortest repair period possible.
  White blemish is a pixel on the sensor chip which leave an irremovable white spot on the image.
There are two factors for white pixel to be made: 1. production process factor (due to the unevenness
of pixels), and 2. after production factor (due to Cosmic-ray exposure).
In the case of 1. production process factor, not only the manufactures but also Watec strictly check
with white blemish at the final inspections to make sure the products with white blemish over the
permissiblerange won’ t be dispatched to the customers.
On the other hand, we are not able to prevent the cameras to earn white blemishescaused by 2. after
production factor, because there is no effective solution found, even with the latest study, to block the
sensors from exposure to Cosmic-ray. The occurrence rate of this phenomenon increases with the high
sensitivity sensors due to their structure. For this reason, the sensor makers don’ t provide warranty
for white blemish with after production factor.
As there is no way to protect the sensors from Cosmic-ray exposure, Watec is not able to take
responsibility for our cameras to earn white blemishes with after production factor; therefore, Watec
warranty does not cover white blemishes for our products after shipping to the customers.
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