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  Ultilizing the techniques and experience we have developed since Watec's founding, we actively accepted special orders and customizations to meet customer needs. We also accept small-scale orders of custom-made products or products with changes in specifications. Please ask a distributor or Watec for details. Please note that we may not be able to meet all requests and the per-unit cost may increase depending on the request. Please contact Watec if you have any questions.

  ・Change to specified lenses
・Manufacturing of lens mounts plus other additional manufacturing
・Modification of cable length and wire
・Change of connectors
・Change of body color and print content
・Alteration of various function settings

Please see the Customizations section on each product page for further details.
  Function Setting Change Examples

・View Software Customization: Change to user interface (WAT-01U2)

・Firmware Customization: Extend RS-485 communication command (WAT-233)

・Firmware Customization: Add crossline function (WAT-221S2)

Exterior Change Examples

・Manufacturing of special mounts (WAT-01U2)


・Change of power connectors (WAT-231S2/WAT-910HX)


・Change of power and video connectors and/or attach cable specifications
 (WAT-902H2 SUPREME/WAT-250D2)


・Change of body color (WAT-2200)

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