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The Internet has become essential to our lives, and the number of network devices is increasing year by year,
but the number of security incidents is increasing proportionately. By actually operating the network camera
with the initial password, there are cases where the video is stolen by a third party or the control of the camera
is taken over. As a countermeasure, laws and regulations prohibiting the use of common initial passwords in
network equipment in some states in the US and in the UK have been passed and enforced.

To prevent security accidents, we have released firmware Ver.2.1.1 that complies with the above laws.
Along with this, the initial password from this firmware will be a unique value for each camera.
(Refer to Section 6.1 of the latest user manual for how to confirm the initial password.)
Please download the latest firmware from the page below and update.

* This change does not guarantee the security of the initial password, so be sure to change the password
 after you log in for the first time before starting operation.
 Please note that the password currently being set will be reset when the firmware is updated.

* Streaming password protection (Authenticate streaming) is off by default. Be sure to set it to ON when
 operating in a state where you can connect to the Internet.
 (Refer to the latest User Manual, Chapter 6.4.1 for how to set Authenticate streaming.)

Ver.2.1.1 will be installed as standard after the serial numbers below.

WAT-2400S: W51500607 -     WAT-933: W51400533 -

*For other firmware updates, please refer to the release notes.

If you have any questions, please contact the distributor or dealer from which the camera was purchased
with the serial number.

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